Two services were held, one at Bradford O’Keefe in Ocean Springs, MS, and another at Peninsula Memorial Park in Newport News, VA.

Ocean Springs, MS — March 27, 2013


Text of Virginia Service

Hello everyone, I’m Bob Harwood, and Burleigh was my Dad.

I want to thank you for joining the celebration of his life.

He was simply just a Good Man!  He lived life on his own terms.

We are all sad he is gone but I am comforted by two things:

First: At 83, he had a long, happy and healthy life.  Whatever he wanted to do, he did it.

Second: He is finally back in the arms of the love of his life, the woman who would do anything for him and the one he would do anything for.

He was a wonderful husband, married for almost 58 years, they were still as in love as I imagined they were the day they were married.

He was a good Father.  He taught Ray and I the consequences and benefits of right and wrong and he led by example.

He was a good provider.  He made sure that Mom, Ray and I did not do without but maintained the value of need vs. want.

He was respectful and well respected.

He was a man of honor.  He was a good friend to many.  It amazed me the amount of people who came to visit him during his last days.

He was a kind and generous man.  I learned during his last days the lengths he went to to help people.

His passion in life besides his wife and tennis, he loved to play and he loved to teach, especially to kids.  He had the patience to work with them, always adjusting his teaching style to each person.

He loved his family, brothers, sisters, and In-laws.

All in all, Dad loved life.

And above all he was a good tennis player!

We will all miss him, we all loved him but we all have to move on with our lives while cherishing the memories we have of him.

If anyone has anything they would like to say please feel free and once again thank you so much for coming.

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  1. I had taken care of Mr. Harwood’s computers for many years up until I moved away. He was a great customer and became a great friend. I had tried to contact him a few times a while back and was hoping to stop by to visit over the holidays, but I had no idea he passed until now. I could always count on knowing where I stood with him. He was honest, caring, straight forward, and one of the most genuine people I have had the honor of knowing. My heart and prayers go out to the families and friends of Mr. Harwood. He is surely missed. Rest in Peace Mr. Harwood, I am sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye. May you find peace and rejoice with your wife in the Lord’s presence.

    Daniel McEldowney

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